"Watershed", Pastel, 9" x 16"
"Beaver Trees", Pastel, 9" x 16"
"Two Ways", Pastel, 13" x 26"

"Road to the River"  Pastel,  17" x 13"
"Summer from Mt. Mitchell",  Pastel, 22" x 12"
Since 1998, I've  lived in the South Toe River valley in western North Carolina. Here, at the base of Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak in the US east of the Mississippi River, I've been drawn more than ever to be outdoors. This is a place of dramatically changing seasons, weather and light, as well as being the most botanically diverse area in the country. It is a seductive, romantic land that constantly begs the painter in me out to work and play.
"Winter from Celo Bridge",  Pastel,  12" x 12"
"August Roadside", Pastel, 18" x 12".
"Winter Morning Lighton the Blacks", Pastel,  12" x 24"
"Celo Ironweed", Pastel, 16" x 12"
"Snow Over Celo",  Pastel,    18" x 12"