In 2007, our family moved to New Zealand for six months. We lived in Kerikeri, a coastal town on the Bay of Islands in the northern part of the north island.  My primary focus while there was to get out and paint the remarkable landscape. This body of work took a bit more representational direction as I felt compelled to document as well as interpret what I found so compelling.
"Rainy Day from the Bedroom",  Pastel,  12" x 12"
"Morning On Cobb Resevoir",  Pastel,   12" x 16"
"Coromandel Fence",  Pastel,   18" x 10"
"After the Rain",  Pastel,  12" x 12"
"Letterboxes #1",  Pastel,  12" x16"
"Fiordland Passage",  14" x 12",  Pastel
"Matauri Baches",  Pastel,   16" x 9"
"The Rhodes Peninsula, Mahinepua",  Pastel,  16" x 9"
"Near the Pa at Opito Bay",  Pastel,  12" x 16"
"The Nightowl" ,  Pastel,    22" x 18"
"Toward Unknown Adventure",  Pastel,  12" x 12"

"Mahinepua Beach", Pastel    24" x 12"
Te Ngare, Pastel, 24" x 12"